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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
20010-1 Knapsack problems with random budgets-Das, Shubhabrata ; Ghosh, Diptesh 22p.
20150635 renewals: consumer retension strategy; Microsoft-Kar, Atasi 12p.
20101) Ananta program: Database analysis, way forward and market research to improve to program effectiveness. 2) Golden Grammage scheme: Identifying the right target group and decide on the promotive/incentive strategy to maximize enrollments; Titan Industries Limited.-Sadangi, Debashish 9p.
202110 minutes delivery model-Maji, Arijit ; Sahebrao, Tappe Rohit 11p.
200910 personae of heavy social networking site users in India-Srinivasan, Karthik ; Modi, Abhinav 46p.
2020100% labels: Its influence on purchase intention of ayurvedic/herbal products-Asokan, Sangeeth ; Dharnesh, B R 14p.
26-Oct-2015108,000 temples and their locations in India-Vaidyanathan, R General
2008130/30 strategy - rationale and methodology: Lehman Brothers, London-Aastha, Sachdeva 10p.
199514 CTV market study; Philips India Limited-Mazumder, Apurva 53p.
17-Nov-20141977-85 IIM , Bangalore: The 100-acre campus is inspired by Fatehpur Sikri's design-India Today
30-May-20162 years of Modi: Time for big-bang changes; public-private sector mistrust needs to be corrected-Singh, Charan Financial Express
201620-year financial inclusion plan: milestones, field feedback and monitoring-Singh, Charan 15p.
20112011 Global markets spring programme: Nomura-Shrirao, Piyush 7p.
201824 Mantra organic-Yogesh, Agrawal Anirudh ; Naik, Harshad 15p.
201824 Mantra: Entering general trade-Singh, Akshita ; Shekhar, Shivam 30p.
199425 MW wind farm: a report on feasibility study; Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Pune-Gupta, Sandeep 45p.
20112G Spectrum Scam-Karthik, B ; Kumar, K Mahesh 23p.
30-Dec-20093 idiots mobbed at mall, say they love Bangalore-The Times of India
20143 Level integrated telemedicine network India-2p.
201132 stock ideas (buy and sell recommendations) based on fundamental analysis: G SACHS SECURITIES-Maloo, Deepak 47p.