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Singh, Charan
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Charan Singh
Charan Singh
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
130-May-20162 years of Modi: Time for big-bang changes; public-private sector mistrust needs to be corrected-Singh, Charan Financial Express
215-Nov-2014A brief review of the Indian economy-Singh, Charan ; Shimpi, Sharada AIEFS NewsletterVol.7Iss.2
319-Feb-2014A case for universal pension-Singh, Charan ; Sanyal, Ayanendu The Hindu Business Line
47-Jul-2014A case to forge new economic bonds-Singh, Charan Deccan Herald, Bangalore
518-Aug-2014A different perspective on malnutrition: Consider a breakfast policy for school-going children-Singh, Charan ; Cheema, Sukhinder Kaur The Tribune
619-Jul-2014A growth-oriented budget: It will usher in change in policy-making and business thinking-Singh, Charan The Tribune
71-Aug-2013A misnomer called food security-Singh, Charan ; Virmani, Arvind The Indian Express
816-May-2014A rush of reforms needed-Singh, Charan Financial Express
916-Jun-2015A safer future for the Indian farmer-Singh, Charan ; Dadhich, C L Business Standard
1022-Feb-2013A unique opportunity to kick-start growth-Singh, Charan Financial Express
1110-Jul-2014Accounting for the future: The Union budget could kick off the next generation of reforms.-Singh, Charan The Indian Express
1216-Nov-2017Addressing issues of workforce diversity-Singh, Charan The Hindu Buisness Line
1311-Feb-2015Addressing small industry’s finance drought-Singh, Charan The Hindu Business Line
142015Ageing in India: need for universal pension scheme-Singh, Charan ; Bharati, Kanchan ; Sanyal, Ayanendu Economic and Political WeeklyVol.50Iss.1840-46p.
1525-Feb-2015All that glitters: Budget offers government a chance to tap gold stocks, monetise them.-Singh, Charan The Indian Express
164-Mar-2016An indecent proposal-Singh, Charan The Hindu Business Line
1721-Sep-2016An independent RBI is a chimera-Singh, Charan The Hindu
1829-Oct-2013Analysis: RBI's overdrive to tame inflation may backfire-Singh, Charan Money Control
1920-Aug-2015As China devalues, India must protect itself from a currency war it cannot win-Singh, Charan The Tribune
207-Jul-2016Banks should perform or be privatised-Singh, Charan The Hindu Business Line