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Vaidyanathan, R
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R Vaidyanathan
R Vaidyanathan
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
126-Oct-2015108,000 temples and their locations in India-Vaidyanathan, R General
213-Jan-2009A dangerous trend in governance-Vaidyanathan, R The New Indian Express
316-Jul-2011A dummy's guide to tax havens and black money-Vaidyanathan, R First Post
426-Apr-2010A JPC on tax havens-Vaidyanathan, R DNA
51990A weighted cash conversion cycle-Gentry, James A ; Vaidyanathan, R ; Lee, Hei Wai Financial ManagementVol.19Iss.190-99p.
611-May-2010Abrahamic civil wars-Vaidyanathan, R DNA
711-Jan-2014Art of giving: warren buffet to be told-Vaidyanathan, R Niticentral.com
831-May-2009Aussie style supari-pay to get killed: What we need is protection, not tips-Vaidyanathan, R Express buzz.com; The New Indian Express
93-Jun-2011Baba, here's a Dummy's guide to black money & tax havens-Vaidyanathan, R First Post
10Oct-2009Banking consolidation-Vaidyanathan, R The Analyst
1120-May-2011Binayak Sen: Convicted of sedition, advising the plan panel-Vaidyanathan, R DNA
1213-Dec-2014BJP's dilemma: Why Modi's party cannot be all-things-to-all people like Congress-Vaidyanathan, R First Post
135-Oct-2015Body Clock-Vaidyanathan, R General
1410-Jun-2015Brief look at the history of temples in IIT Madras campus-Vaidyanathan, R ; Ayyar, Arun ; Ganapathy, Harish ; Hemanth, C General
1522-Mar-2011Buffett should learn our ethos of giving-Vaidyanathan, R The New Indian Express
1624-May-2010Caste as social capital-Vaidyanathan, R DNA
1715-May-2012China’s migraine is India’s K - Valley Balm-Vaidyanathan, R Express buzz.com; The New Indian Express
1821-May-2013Chit funds explained: facts Vs fiction-Vaidyanathan, R Niticentral.com
191982Concentration, controls and performance in twenty-nine manufacturing industries in India-Vaidyanathan, R ; Apte, Prakash G Indian Economic ReviewVol.XVIIIss.2-4241-262p.
2010-Apr-2013Congress won’t crack down on illegal money - part 2-Vaidyanathan, R Niticentral.com