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Apte, Prakash G
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Prakash G Apte
Prakash G Apte
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
11986Aspects of corporate decision making: an econometric investigation-Apte, Prakash G Indian Economic ReviewVol.XXIIss.2185-215p.
21982Concentration, controls and performance in twenty-nine manufacturing industries in India-Vaidyanathan, R ; Apte, Prakash G Indian Economic ReviewVol.XVIIIss.2-4241-262p.
32002Financial markets: the way ahead interview with Naina Lal Kidwai-Apte, Prakash G IIMB Management ReviewVol.14Iss.286-96p.
41987Natural resource exploration, development and exploitation with investment constraints: a theoretical analysis-Apte, Prakash G IIMB Management ReviewVol.212-30p.
51994Relative PPP in the medium run-Sercu, Piet ; Kane, Marian ; Apte, Prakash G Journal of International Money and FinanceVol.13Iss.5602-622p.
61983Substitution among energy and non-energy inputs in selected Indian manaufacturing industries: an econometric analysis-Apte, Prakash G The Indian Economic JournalVol.31Iss.271-90p.
72000Technology and global financial markets: a marriage made in heaven or a witches' brew.-Apte, Prakash G IIMB Management ReviewVol.12Iss.171-84p.
82001The Dynamics of Short-term Interest rates: an econometric analysis-Apte, Prakash G Indian Economic ReviewVol.36Iss.2341-357p.
92004The exchange rate and purchasing power parity: Extending the theory and tests-Apte, Prakash G ; Sercu, Piet ; Uppal, Raman Journal of International Money and FinanceVol.23Iss.4553-571p.
101992Unit roots, cointegrartion and spot and forward exchange rates of the rupees-Apte, Prakash G Journal of Foreign exchange and international financeVol.VIIss.2165-176p.