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Full Name
Das, Shubhabrata  
Vernacular Name
Shubhabrata Das
Shubhabrata Das
Das, S
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Professor Das has held visiting faculty positions at various institutes/universities of international repute, including ESSEC Business School, Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta, University of Nebraska, and University of Montana.
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12003A Markov chain based No-claim discount system-Das, Shubhabrata ; Basu, Sankarshan Journal of Insurance and Risk ManagementVol.IIIss.361-72p.
22012Alarm system for insurance companies: a strategy for capital allocation-Das, Shubhabrata ; Kratz, M Insurance: Mathematics and EconomicsVol.51Iss.153-65p.
32003Binary knapsack problems with random budgets-Das, Shubhabrata ; Ghosh, D Journal of the Operational Research SocietyVol.54Iss.9970-983p.
42007Information loss in grade point conversion-Das, Shubhabrata Communications in Statistics-Theory And MethodsVol.36Iss.13-162377-2393p.
52008Joint life insurance policies with differential benefits and premiums to the policy holders-Das, Shubhabrata Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and InsuranceVol.2Iss.21-18p.
62017On generalized geometric distributions and improved estimation of batting average in cricket-Das, Shubhabrata Communications in Statistics - Theory and MethodsVol.46Iss.62736-2750p.
72009On homogeneous skewness of unimodal distributions-Das, Shubhabrata ; Mandal, Pranab K ; Ghosh, Diptesh Sankhya B: The Indian Journal of StatisticsVol.71Iss.Part-2187-205p.
82006On measuring imprecision in human response due to respondent and attribute and its utility in questionnaire design-Das, Shubhabrata International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based SystemsVol.14Iss.2155-173p.
92002Quantifying Fuzziness due to the scale of Measurement in Response Systems-Das, Shubhabrata Fuzzy Sets and SystemsVol.132Iss.3317-333p.