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Bhalla, Manaswini
Vernacular Name
Manaswini Bhalla
Manaswini Bhalla
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Manaswini is an Associate Professor in the Economics & Social Sciences area at Indian Institute of Management. Her primary area of interest lies in information economics with a focus on issues in pricing, corporate culture and political economy. She uses empirical and game theoretic tools in her research. In a series of working papers, she is exploring the role of culture on economic outcomes in the context of corporate boards, entrepreneurship, legal system and real estate. In the field of pricing, her work explores the use of prices and other instruments by firms to influence learning process of consumers to their advantage.Some of her work in this area have been published in journals like Journal of Economic Theory and Journal of Industrial Economics. Professor Bhalla currently teaches Managerial Economics and Strategic Thinking: Game Theory for Managers to PGP students. She also conducts executive education programmes on managerial economics and game theory for senior managers.
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12011Endogenous order and information aggregation-Bhalla, Manaswini Research in EconomicsVol.65Iss.4319-331p.
22020Impact of use of technology on student learning outcomes: Evidence from a large-scale experiment in India-Naik, Gopal ; Chitre, Chetan ; Bhalla, Manaswini ; Rajan, Jothsna World DevelopmentVol.12728p.
32012Social learning among rational analysts-Bhalla, Manaswini Journal of Behavioral FinanceVol.13Iss.3164-173p.
42016Social learning and delay in a dynamic model of price competition-Aoyagi, Masaki ; Bhalla, Manaswini ; Gunay, Hikmet Journal of Economic TheoryVol.165565-600p.
52017Strategic dissent in the hotelling-downs model with sequential entry and private information-Bandyopadhyay, Siddhartha ; Bhalla, Manaswini ; Chatterjee, Kalyan ; Roy, Jaideep Research in EconomicsVol.71Iss.151-66p.
615-Apr-2019The caste is alive and kicking in corporate India-Bhalla, Manaswini ; Goel, Manisha Forbes India
72013Waterfall versus sprinkler product launch strategy: influencing the herd-Bhalla, Manaswini Journal of industrial EconomicsVol.61Iss.1138-165p.