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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2004C and I service delivery-Sekhri, Kanu Priya 24p.
1998CAC and risk management in the backdrop of South East Asian crisis (With special reference to Indian Banks); Global Trust Bank Limited-Satish Kumar, C 
2002Cadbury's hills campaign; Cadbury India Limited-Suares, Sarin 
2-Sep-2013Café Coffee Day Vs. Café Coffee Day - The Lounge: Brand Confusion?-Lyndem, Preeti Krishnan 
1982Caladryl marketing plan; Parke Davis (India) Limited-Nadkarni, Shripad S 63p.
2010Calculation of asset swap levels; Nomura-Chandak, Piyush 8p.
1978Calculation of internal rate of return-Chandra, Prasanna The Chartered AccountantVol.XXVIIss.9558-559p.
2015Calculation of net promoter score for Manipal healthcare-Madhuri, Chakka Radha ; Gulati, Gaurav 27p.
2015Calculation of optimum VaR based on different stochastic volatility models-Rajendra, Patel Nikhil ; Das, Samyaraj 9p.
2007Calibration of pure jump levy process - pricing of options of using CGMY model using particle filter-Bhattacharyya, Amitava ; Jhawar, Mohit 
2004Call center operations: a case study-Pinto, Colin 37p.
2000Call centre-Sangeeta, Batra ; Sangeetha, Vandanan 
2000Call centre services; Vibrant Tech Private Limited-Bandita, Jaipuria 
2015Can a currency collapse be predicted-Gupta, Rachit ; Kaul, Rupali 24p.
2020Can audits deter performance exaggeration?-Dutta, Souvik ; Anand, Abhinav ; Mukherjee, Prithwiraj 26p.
12-Apr-2018Can blockchain solve land record problems?-Panchapagesan, Venkatesh LiveMint
13-Dec-2009Can companies learn from scriptures?-The Times of India
2017Can equity investors explain the failure of uncovered parity? links to news studies-Moorthy, Vivek 
2019Can governments increase revenues by lowering taxes? A study of competing policies to reduce tax evasion during house purchase in India-Panchapagesan, Venkatesh ; Venkataraman, Madalasa 29p.
2012Can India become an innovation superpower?-Krishnan, Rishikesha T