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3D printing at ImaginariumTripathy, Anshuman
A comparative study of best practice in the healthcare sector in India and UKSaranga, Haritha
A critical response to Amanda Huffer's dissertation on Sri Sri Mata AmritanandamayiNarayanswamy, Ramnath
A cultural perspective on autonomy and employee motivationTripathi, Ritu
A cultural perspective on employee motivationTripathi, Ritu
A model of referrals: Pricing in social networksChatterjee, Kalyan
A new mathematical model for stock priceBhattacharyya, Malay
A new polyhedral approach to the capacitated concentrated location problem: A cardinality based disaggregation and its associated valid inequalitiesMurthy, Ishwar
A study on political economy of resource allocation, auditing, and public good provision: Evidence from gram panchayats in IndiaDutta, Souvik
Advanced statistical methods for data analysisGhosh, Pulak
Advanced statistical methods for predictive analytics: Some case studiesGhosh, Pulak
Aiding better decision making in food choiceMukherjee, Kanchan
An analysis of determinants of India’s software exportsPatibandla, Murali 
An economic analysis of student politics in IndiaMunshi, Soumyanetra
An investigation of the drivers and key success factors of implementing supplier code of conductDiatha, Krishna Sundar
Analysis of aerospace supply chain with delivery guaranteesKumar, U Dinesh
Analysis of partially observed asymmetric zero-sum stochastic gamesBasu, Arnab
Analysis of shapley games with one-sided incomplete informationBasu, Arnab
Analyzing recent inflation and growth outcomes in India and other emerging economiesMoorthy, Vivek
Are technology shocks random? A study of time series properties of technological changeSinha, Deepak Kumar