Aiding better decision making in food choice


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130-Aug-2017Aiding better decision making in food choice-Mukherjee, Kanchan 

It was not until the middle of 19th century (Eknoyan, 2006) that being obese was considered ill-health. Evolution’s survival mechanism of storing food reserves is now working against us. As per WHO’s statistics most of the world's population live in countries where obesity kills more people than undernourishment. In 2014, more than 25% of the global population was overweight or obese. In the last few decades, there has been a growing interest in investigating how best to communicate risks and benefits of food items to consumers in order to help them make better diet choices (for e.g., see Renn, 2008).
Decision making
Food choices
Food reserves
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Aiding better decision making in food choice
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