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Title: Smart urban mobility: Road less travelled
Authors: Singh, Charan 
Mittal, Tarun 
Keywords: Affordable;Accessible;Reliable;Acceptable;Mobility;Flexible high carrying capacity;Attractive public transit system
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
Abstract: The study attempts to analyse congestion problem with emphasis on having a policy incorporating realistic solution for having affordable, accessible, reliable and acceptable mobility. It has been found that in Indian urban scenario, modal transport system must be capable of having flexible high carrying capacity with low space requirement. The other aspect is to have attractive public transit system which may lure people away from private transport to public transit system because traffic problem is going to only rise with population growth and development. This will put more pressure on road infrastructure which has substantial costs. A possible solution could be introduction of Light Rail Transit (LRT) on a large scale. Finally, an illustration of Bangalore city has been made to examine the benefits of LRT.
ISSN: 2229-5348
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