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Shah, Janat
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Janat Shah
Janat Shah
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12012A comparative analysis of greening policies across supply chain structures-Ghosh, Debabrata ; Shah, Janat International Journal of Production EconomicsVol.135Iss.2568-583p.
22001Benchmarking internal supply chain performance: Development of a framework-Shah, Janat ; Singh, Nitin Journal of Supply Chain ManagementVol.37Iss.437-47p.
32001Building efficient supply chains for the retail industry: role of power in the supply chain negotiation process-Gupta, Sameer ; Shah, Janat South Asian Journal of ManagementVol.8Iss.1-212-28p.
42004Compassionate, high quality health care at low cost: The Aravind mode; In conversation with Dr G Venkataswamy and R D Thulasiraj-Shah, Janat ; Murty, L S IIMB Management ReviewVol.16Iss.331-43p.
52005Distribution centre location modelling for differential sales tax structure-Shah, Janat ; Avittathur, Balram ; Gupta, Omprakash K European Journal of Operational ResearchVol.162Iss.1191-205p.
61999Improving supply chain performance through postponement strategy-Shah, Janat ; Avittathur, Balram IIMB Management ReviewVol.11Iss.25-13p.
72015Inventory trends in emerging market supply chains: evidence from the Indian automotive industry-Saranga, Haritha ; Mukherji, Arnab ; Shah, Janat IIMB Management ReviewVol.27Iss.16-18p.
81999Liberalisation and after-Shah, Janat IIMB Management ReviewVol.11Iss.125-37p.
92004Managing Tendupatta leaf logistics: An integrated approach-Singh, N ; Shah, Janat International Transactions in operations ResearchVol.11Iss.6683-699p.
101999Manufacturing priorities and action programmes in the changing environment: An empirical study of Indian industries-Nagabhushana, T S ; Shah, Janat International Journal of Operations and Production ManagementVol.19Iss.4389-400p.
1123-Aug-2010Mythical benefits of retail FDI-Shah, Janat ; Subramanian, M G The Economic Times
122015Product line design and positioning using add-on services-Palsule-Desai, Omkar D ; Tirupati, Devanath ; Shah, Janat International Journal of Production EconomicsVol.16316-33p.
132006Setting operating policies for supply hubs-Shah, Janat ; Goh, M International Journal of Production EconomicsVol.100Iss.2239-252p.
142009Supply chain risk management: academic perspective-Shah, Janat IIMB Management ReviewVol.21Iss.2149-157p.
152010Supply chain strategies based on recourse model for very short life cycle products-Patil, Rahul ; Avittathur, Balram ; Shah, Janat International Journal of Production EconomicsVol.128Iss.13-10p.
162004Tapping product returns through efficient Reverse supply chains: Opportunities and issues-Avittathur, Balram ; Shah, Janat IIMB Management ReviewVol.16Iss.484-93p.
172011Unreliable newsboy problem with a forecast update-Tiwari, Divya ; Patil, Rahul ; Shah, Janat Operations Research LettersVol.39Iss.4278-282p.
182000Vehicle routing for milk procurement-Shah, Janat IIMB Management ReviewVol.12Iss.472-74p.