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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2007Xchanging - an initiation note: Clear Capital-Vijayakrishnan, Jayadevan 10p.
2000XML - a tool through which Oracle server talks with the web browsers-Patil, Amrit ; Bhargava, Pawan 
2012Xpress money: assessing brand effectiveness-Beniwal, Dhirender 24p. online financial services-Bangle, Guruprasad ; Mittal, Pankaj 40p.
1995XYZ limited-Mahadevan, B 7p.
2020XYZSOLAR: B2C -Last mile delivery and STS-Satsangi, Amrit ; Rastogi, Raghav 11p.
2021Y-combinator companies in India-Goel, Pratyush ; Remedios, Warren Philip 13p.
2011Yahoo Omni and its eco-system-Hollam, Punith 7p.
Mar-2012Yajna: the cardinal principle of sustainability-Mahadevan, B Sadguru’s BlessingsVol.9Iss.716-17p.
2016Yash Raj films: Evolution of strategy-Hiranandani, Dharmendra ; Raj, Rishabh 22p.
1998Year 2000 external dependencies: An approach; Hindustan Lever Ltd, Bangalore-Joshi, Anil 
2003Yen borrowing and hedging for cost optimization; Power Finance Corporation-Sudhir, Lele Bhushan 
2018Yield curve-Reddy, Saitej ; Reddy, Sasidhar 15p.
2014Yield curve: As a lead indicator of Indian economy-Valluru, Phanindra Sai Ram ; Raja, S K 21p.
2003Yield management for hospitality industry in the Indian context-Dev, Arjun ; Goel, Ashish 
2015You look good salons-Vidwans, Sumedh Vishwas ; Vidhyadhar, S 8p.
2023You reap what you sow: unraveling the determinants of knowledge hoarding behavior using a three-wave study-Shukla, Mudit ; Tyagi, Divya ; Mishra, Sushanta Kumar Journal of Knowledge Management
11-Aug-2015You win him when you lose 'I'-Narayanswamy, Ramnath Deccan Herald, Bangalore
15-Aug-2014Young and jobless in India-Singh, Charan The Hindu
2013Young leadership program of accenture-Kumar, R Ravi