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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2019Wage fairness in a subcontracted labor market-Chau, Nancy H ; Soundararajan, Vidhya ; Basu, Arnab Journal of Economic Behavior and OrganizationVol.16824-42p.
27-Sep-2010Wages of democracy: politics is expensive, MPs need a hike to stay afloat and honest.-Gowda, M V Rajeev Outlook
1988Wagon management on Indian railways: with special reference to wagon utilisation-Pradyumna, D M 163p.
2013Wait for Service and Customer Specific Service OutcomesA metaanalysisChatterjee, Swagato 46p.
2013Wait for service and customer specific service outcomes: a meta-analysis-Chatterjee, Swagato 46p.
2012Wal-Mart model and the retail sector in India-Deb, Ayan ; Agrawal, Shobhit 49p.
Feb-2014Walking the talk-Mahadevan, B Sadguru’s BlessingsVol.11Iss.615-17p.
2021WallStreetBets against wall street: The Role of reddit in the GameStop short squeeze-Anand, Abhinav ; Pathak, Jalaj 45p.
2018Wanderer's escape-Lakhani, Yash ; Saxena, Luv 12p.
2002WANG airfield lighting system - A case study in real time software development project (02-100)-Kaujalgi, Vasant B 41p.
3-Jan-2015Wanted from Mr Modi: An educational finance corporation-Vaidyanathan, R DailyO
Sep-2011Wanted Sutradhars of social change-Krishnan, Rishikesha T Edu Tech
2003Warehouse management system; Hindustan Lever Limited-Gehani, Rahul 
2011Warehouse modeling post Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation for Reliance Logistics (P) Ltd.-Gautam, P ; Muruganandam, M 35p.
2019Warehousing in E-Commerce-Kachhara, Mrinal ; Kande, Abhijit 15p.
2016Warehousing industry in India: Operational and financial perspective-Gupta, Vaibhav ; Jalan, Udit 34p.
2018Warranty cost reduction - TVS motors-Kushal, M B ; Dhar, Shreyanka 16p.
2018Warranty cost reduction – TVS motors-Gupta, Asmita ; Sharma, Yagya 16p.
2016Warranty decisions and consumer behaviour-Kumar, Ayush ; Hiranandani, Dharmendra 22p.
2010Waste disposal methods: Turning garbage into profit-Dhiman, Isha ; Harikumar, V 34p.