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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2014UAE country sourcing roadmap: Airbus India-Sreenath, C. P. 20p.
1997UB-export: A market study; United Breweries, Bangalore-Goenka, Sachin 
2015Uber in India-Benoit, Asselin de Williencourt ; Chaulin, Francois 19p.
2020Uber vs Lyft: What drives their valuation?-Bagre, Mukul 16p.
2012UID evaluating criticisms with feasible solutions-Raju, P V Prasanth Kumar ; Prabhu, R Karthikeya 31p.
2011UID evaluating criticisms with feasible solutions-Raju, P V Prasanth Kumar ; Prabhu, R Karthikeya 31p.
2011UID project : Cost benefit analysis and beyond-Kelaginmani, Anand ; Maheshwari, Mohit 31p.
2013UK Corporate buyback opportunities: Deutsche Bank, Mumbai-Saha, Souvik Kumar 10p.
2021(Un)flatten the curve: A simple model of sink capacity-Malghan, Deepak Ecological EconomicsVol.182
2013Unbundling as a strategy-Khankhoje, Rohan ; Deshpande, Sanket 22p.
2013Unbundling as a strategy (Infosys)-Yerra, Surekha Sreesatya ; Pedapudi, Rahul 11p.
2018Unbundling the sixth sense: explorations in spirituality and management, 1st edition-Narayanswamy, Ramnath ; Altaman, Yochanan ; Sena, Sunita Singh 304p.
2010Uncertain consumption and quantity surcharges in consumer non-durables: An analytical mode-Rakshit, Krishanu ; Mukherji, Arnab ; Prakhya, Srinivas 
2017Uncertainty and supply chain risk: the moderating role of supply chain flexibility in risk mitigation-Sreedevi, R ; Saranga, Haritha International Journal of Production EconomicsVol.193332-342p.
24-Jun-2013Uncertainty in unwinding of unconventional monetary policy-Singh, Charan The Financial Express
2018Uncertainty, knowledge problems, and entrepreneurial action-Townsend, David M ; Hunt, Richard A ; Mcmullen, Jeffery S ; Sarasvathy, Saras D Academy of Management AnnalsVol.12Iss.2659-687p.
30-May-2016Uncertainty‚Äôs bleeding the economy-Singh, Charan The Hindu Business Line
2021Unconventional monetary policy and its impact on term premium in India-Haider, Rizvi Ali Rizwan Ansar ; Singh, Jitendra 12p.
2016Unconventional monetary policy and spillovers of tapering on Indian economy-Kumar, Vikas 20p.
2009Uncovering career anchor preferences of the Indian workforce-Oleti, Akshay ; Patanjali, C 21p.