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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2009A balanced scorecard for a higher education institute: A case of IIM Bangalore-Sarda, Sumit ; Chatterjee, Tuhin 32p.
6-Jul-2018A balancing act: but we’re in for tough times-Sriram, M S The New Indian Express
2012A bayesian approach to term structure modeling using heavy-tailed distributions-Abanto-Valle, Carlos Antonio ; Lachos, Victor H ; Ghosh, Pulak Applied Stochastic Models in Business and industryVol.28Iss.5430-447p.
2016A bayesian quantile regression model for insurance company costs data-Shi, Peng ; Ghosh, Pulak ; Sriram, Karthik Journal of The Royal Statistical Society. Series A: Statistics in SocietyVol.179Iss.1177-202p.
2011A bayesian semiparametric multivariate joint model for multiple longitudinal outcomes and a time-to-event-Rizopoulos, Dimitris ; Ghosh, Pulak Statistics in MedicineVol.30Iss.121366-1380p.
2011A Bayesian Semiparametric Quantile Regression Model for Longitudinal Data with Application to Insurance-Sriram, Karthik ; Shi, Peng ; Ghosh, Pulak 38p.
2019A bayesian two-stage regression approach of analysing longitudinal outcomes with endogeneity and incompleteness-Bhuyan, Prajamitra ; Biswas, Jayabrata ; Ghosh, Pulak Statistical ModellingVol.19Iss.2157-173p.
2014A behavioural investigation of inflation expectations-Jain, Aditi 16p.
2016A block-chain technology enabled framework for the sanitary pads supply-chain with smart contracts to facilitate direct benefits transfer-Diatha, Krishna Sundar ; Garg, Shashank ; Mahajan, Siddharth 
2014A brief analysis of service quality gap at BESCOM-Hota, Anuraag ; Kumar, Mukund 25p.
15-Nov-2014A brief review of the Indian economy-Singh, Charan ; Shimpi, Sharada AIEFS NewsletterVol.7Iss.2
2019A brief study of the IL&FS crisis-Parekh, Mit ; Parekh, Yash 14p.
2007A business case for entry into the tire business-Kulkarni, Amit 69p.
2009A business plan in clean technology-Murugesh, K ; Vishwanath, S 24p.
2004A business report on BPO: for back-office operations of banks/FIs with specific focus on outsourcing parts of core banking operations-Sankaranarayanan, Rajiv ; Ganesha, Pradeep 57p.
2010A business report on the manufacturing of bio-fertilizers-Gedam, Santosh V 44p.
2007A business strategy framework for small and medium IT enterprises-Kashyap, Lalit ; Parthasarathy, Prashanth J. 65p.
2006A Business tool for competitive intelligence: to corporate, cognizant technology solutions-Ramakrishna, Santhosh 16p.
2022A cardinality induced extended formulation of the single-source un-capacitated facility location problem and its polyhedra-Murthy, Ishwar 45p.
2011A case based study of shifting of efficiency frontier in service industry-Sivakumar, S. 165p.