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Title: Am I Adequately Prepared for the Class? – Professor LS Murty
Authors: Murty, L S 
Keywords: Education;Education system;Teaching methods;Teaching models
Issue Date: 20-Apr-2022
Publisher: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Abstract: Teaching concerns based on adequate preparation for a class is not limited to new educators. Even teachers with decades of experience have these concerns. In this video, Professor LS Murty proceeds to offer tips on how to prepare well for a class and handle questions raised by students in the classroom. Teachers are the bridges between the body of knowledge and minds of students. If a teacher does not have an answer to a particular question, Professor assures that it’s okay to admit it and get back to the students later to discuss the question. He adds that qualified teachers have all concepts/frameworks in their minds and above all “thought processes”, therefore he suggests that the teacher could ask the student to explain the context of his/her question and encourage the student to analyze (think aloud) – in the process the teacher could verify/validate the concepts and thought process and help the student to answer the question. Professor Murty believes that to prepare well for a class, a teacher must (i) be thorough with the background reading materials, cases, case facts, and their own analysis; (ii) have a proper teaching plan, sequence of questions for discussion, and prepare how to bring out concepts in their discussion; and (iii) be thoroughly knowledgeable about the background profile of their students to anticipate questions that could come up. Additionally, a teacher should keep updating their teaching notes as frequently as possible. With good teaching notes that is updated regularly, soon over time, a teacher would have a good checklist of questions that would possibly be helpful during the class. In case, a teacher still could not answer a question, they can get back to the student later after consulting their peers and reading materials. Professor concluded the talk by saying some level of anxiety before a class is always good as it helps teachers teach better.
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