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Title: Home/office automation industry: Entry level strategy
Authors: Jain, Anurag 
Sadangi, Debashish 
Keywords: Automation industry;Strategy;Home automation;Office automation
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Series/Report no.: PGP_CCS_P10_028
Abstract: The aim of this study is to understand the home/office automation industry, analyze the current trends in India with a view to identify an entry-level strategy to capture any untapped opportunities. This report documents our study of the home/office automation industry in India. Home automation (also called domotics) is automation of household appliances and features in residential homes while Office automation is similar solutions in offices, hotels, malls, etc. Highly technology extensive, the concept has held ground in the developed nations and is now in its young stages in India. This study has two primary purposes: a. To understand the structure, value chain, product/service portfolios being offered, customer demand of the industry and b. Devise an entry level strategy for the industry, discussing about the possible positioning a firm needs to target to enter and survive the industry. The fragmented nature of the industry has led to the industry being largely undocumented. A part of consumer electronics, it is very difficult to get substantial information from industrial/analyst reports. As a result, our study hinges to a large extent on primary research. We have interacted with two major companies in the field to get a better understanding of the industry and its players.
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