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Title: Foreign direct investment in India's retail sector and farmers' productivity: Few issues
Authors: Patibandla, Murali 
Keywords: Foreign direct investment;FDI;Retail sector;Supply chain;Framers;Agriculture
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Prints Publications Private Limited
Abstract: Productivity is generally defined as the amount of output realized for a given level of inputs. The neoclassical growth theory considers productivity as a function of technology and capital accumulation. In this paper, I argue that apart from technology and capital, productivity depends on institutional factors such as property rights, incentives, transaction and information costs. Foreign direct investment in India's retail sector can bring in the best practices of supply chain management and reduce transaction and information costs of input and output markets and thereby contributes to farmers' productivity. I bring forth a few conceptual issues and qualitative empirics on this topic.
ISSN: 0032-9924
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