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Dharanikota, Spurthy
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Spurthy Dharanikota
Dharanikota, Spurthy
Dharanikota, S
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Spurthy Dharanikota, Ph.D., serves as an Assistant Professor in the Information Systems (IS) Area. Her current research interests include exploring, identifying, and resolving complex problems in the Human-Artificial Intelligence Collaboration and Health Informatics disciplines, using a combination of behavioral and analytical frameworks. Specifically, her most recent research models the collaboration between developers and bots in knowledge-intensive virtual communities like open-source software. In the healthcare informatics realm, her work on clinical trials for intelligent diagnostics has partly been funded by the Seattle Flu Study, Gates Ventures. Dr. Spurthy has presented her research at major international conferences in the IS area and Health Informatics, including DESRIST, AMCIS, and AMIA. With experience in using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to design research studies, she led and co-authored publications in peer reviewed IS and health informatics journals. She also actively
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12023A critical success factor approach to address telemedicine implementation challenges: a longitudinal study-Dharanikota, Spurthy 32p.