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Tewari, Vinod K
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Vinod K Tewari
Vinod K Tewari
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
11990A knowledge-based approach for supporting locational decisionmaking-Armstrong, M P ; De, S ; Densham, P J ; Lolonis, P ; Rushton, G ; Tewari, Vinod K Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City ScienceVol.17Iss.3341-364p.
21992Improving access to services and facilities in developing countries-Tewari, Vinod K International Regional Science ReviewVol.15Iss.125-37p.
31990On the methodology of locating school education facilities in rural India-Tewari, Vinod K ; Jena, Sidheswar IIMB Management ReviewVol.5Iss.119-45p.
41995Planning support systems: an application to service development in Mysore District, India-Tewari, Vinod K Regional Development DialogueVol.16Iss.154-68p.
51982Urban population densities: models and correlates ( India).-Prakasa Rao, V L S ; Tewari, Vinod K Geographical Review of IndiaVol.44Iss.21 -18p.