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Krishna, S
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S Krishna
S Krishna
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12003Azim Premji: Creating learners and leaders-Krishna, S IIMB Management ReviewVol.15Iss.137-41p.
22017Challenges of accountability in resource-poor contexts: lessons about invited spaces from Karnataka's village health committees-Madon, Shirin ; Krishna, S Oxford Development StudiesVol.45Iss.4522-541p.
32013Global software development: commitment, trust and cultural sensitivity in strategic partnerships-Sderberg, Anne-Marie ; Krishna, S ; Bjørn, Pernille Journal Of International ManagementVol.19Iss.4347-361p.
42010Health information systems, decentralisation and democratic accountability-Madon, Shirin ; Krishna, S ; Michael, Edwin Public Administration and DevelopmentVol.30Iss.4247-260p.
52004Managing cross-cultural issues in global software outsourcing-Krishna, S ; Sahay, Sundeep ; Walsham, Geoff Communications of the ACMVol.47Iss.462-66p.
62001Synching or sinking: Global software outsourcing relationships-Heeks, Richard ; Krishna, S ; Nicholson, Brian ; Sahay, Sundeep IEEE SoftwareVol.18Iss.254-60p.
72019Translocality in global software development: the dark side of global agile-Bjørn, Pernille ; Søderberg, Anne-Marie ; Krishna, S Human-Computer InteractionVol.34Iss.2174-203p.