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Full Name
Anshuman, V Ravi
Vernacular Name
V Ravi Anshuman
V Ravi Anshuman
Anshuman, V R
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Professor Anshuman's research interests cover the areas of Market Microstructure, Capital Markets, and Corporate Financial Management Issues in Emerging Markets. His publications have appeared in the Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial Markets, etc. He has co-authored a book titled Valuation – Analyzing Global Investment Opportunities. In addition to experience in academia, he has consulted with various blue-chip companies. He is a member of the Certification Formulation and Testing Committee (CFTC) and Futures & Options (F&O) Executive Committee of the National Stock Exchange (NSE).
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12011Accounting for sovereign risk when investing in emerging markets-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Martin, John ; Titman, Sheridan Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceVol.23Iss.241-49p.
22012An entrepreneur's guide to understanding the cost of venture capital-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Martin, John ; Titman, Sheridan Journal of Applied Corporate FinanceVol.24Iss.375-83p.
32002Can splits create market liquidity?: Theory and evidence-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Kalay, Avner Journal of Financial MarketsVol.5Iss.183-125p.
42007Cross-border Investments in emerging markets: a valuation perspective: Discussion.-Anshuman, V Ravi IIMB Management ReviewVol.19Iss.165-81p.
52000Day-of-the-week effects on the Bombay stock exchange-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Goswami, Ranadev ICFAI -Institute of Chartered Financial Analysis of India Journal of Applied FinanceVol.6Iss.431-46p.
62003Disinvestment of PSUs:Leaving money on the table-Anshuman, V Ravi Economic and Political WeeklyVol.38Iss.10949-954p.
713-Jan-2010Field hockey time to go green-Anshuman, V Ravi The Wall Street Journal
82016FII trading activity and intraday volatility-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Chakrabarti, Rajesh ; Kumar, K Kiran Economic and Political WeeklyVol.51Iss.12133-141p.
92023Foreign Fund Flows and Equity Prices During COVID-19: Evidence from India-Acharya, Viral V. ; Anshuman, V. Ravi ; Kumar, K. Kiran Emerging Markets Finance and TradeVol.59Iss.82422-2439p.
102004How Contemporary are IIMs? MBA Curricula in a Globalised world-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Chandrashekar, S Economic and Political WeeklyVol.39Iss.8827-838p.
111998Market making with discrete prices-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Kalay, Avner Review of Financial StudiesVol.11Iss.181-109p.
122003Regulatory measures to curb stock price volatility-Anshuman, V Ravi Economic and Political WeeklyVol.38Iss.8677-679p.
132000Role of technology in financial markets-Anshuman, V Ravi IIMB Management ReviewVol.12Iss.166-70p.
142001Trading activity and expected stock returns-Chordia, Tarun ; Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar ; Anshuman, V Ravi Journal of Financial EconomicsVol.59Iss.13-32p.