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Das, Gopal
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Gopal Das
Gopal Das
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Gopal’s research interests include consumer emotion, motivation, scarcity, information processing and retailing. He teaches courses on consumer behaviour, marketing research, and experimental design. He has over 11 years of teaching and research experience. He was a Visiting Scholar of HKUST Business School, Hong Kong. He has guided few Ph.D/FPM scholars. Gopal teaches courses on consumer behaviour, marketing research, and experimental design.
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12019Does brand experience translate into brand commitment?: a mediated-moderation model of brand passion and perceived brand ethicality-Das, Gopal ; Agarwal, James ; Malhotra, Naresh K ; Varshneya, Geetika Journal of Business ResearchVol.95479-490p.
22019How self-construal guides preference for partitioned versus combined pricing-Das, Gopal ; Roy, Rajat Journal of Business ResearchVol.101152-160p.
32022Improving base-of-the-pyramid consumer welfare through mobile technology services-Pandey, Devansh ; Mukherjee, Srabanti ; Das, Gopal ; Zhang, Jonathan Z Journal of Services MarketingVol.36Iss.2232-244p.
42021Pandemics and marketing: Insights, impacts, and research opportunities-Das, Gopal ; Jain, Shailendra Pratap ; Maheswaran, Durairaj ; Slotegraaf, Rebecca J ; Srinivasan, Raji Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceVol.49835-854p.
52021Retailing and emergent technologies-Grewal, Dhruv ; Gauri, Dinesh Kumar ; Das, Gopal ; Agarwal, James ; Spence, Mark T Journal of Business ResearchVol.134198-202p.
62021Social selling cues: The dynamics of posting numbers viewed and bought on customers' purchase intentions-Das, Gopal ; Spence, Mark T ; Agarwal, James International Journal of Research in Marketing
72020The mitigating effect of matching regulatory focus with arousalinducing stimuli in service failure situations-Das, Gopal ; Roy, Rajat ; Spence, Mark T Psychology and MarketingVol.37Iss.101420-1432p.
82022The role of contextual factors in increasing Pay-What-You-Want payments: Evidence from field experiments-Roy, Rajat ; Das, Gopal Journal of Business ResearchVol.1391540-1552p.
92022To earmark or not to earmark when gift-giving: Gift-givers' and gift-recipients' diverging preferences for earmarked cash gifts-Givi, Julian ; Das, Gopal Psychology and MarketingVol.39Iss.2420-428p.
102019To emoji or not to emoji? : examining the influence of emoji on consumer reactions to advertising-Das, Gopal ; Wiener, Hillary J D ; Kareklas, Loannis Journal of Business ResearchVol.96147-156p.
112020When do consumers prefer partitioned prices? The role of mood and pricing tactic persuasion knowledge-Das, Gopal ; Roy, Rajat ; Naidoo, Vik Journal of Business ResearchVol.11660-67p.
122021When do consumers value ethical attributes? The role of perceived quality in gift-giving-Das, Gopal ; Peloza, John ; Varshneya, Geetika ; Green, Todd European Journal of MarketingVol.55Iss.1315-335p.