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Chatterjee, Chirantan
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Chirantan Chatterjee
Chirantan Chatterjee
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12011An economist among biologists (or maybe vice versa!)-Chatterjee, Chirantan 
22015Balancing affordability and availability in a drug patent regime-Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Pingali, Viswanath Economic and Political WeeklyVol.50Iss.4120-23p.
32016Competition law in India: perspectives-Pingali, Viswanath ; Chaudhuri, Manas Kumar ; Malik, Payal ; Tamara, Ram ; Kakkar, Avaantika ; Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Mondal, Shamim ; Sokol, D Daniel VikalpaVol.41Iss.2168-193p.
42013Crocin or paracetamol: what should the doctor prescribe?-Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Kubo, Kensuke ; Pingali, Viswanath Economic and Political WeeklyVol.48Iss.4120-22p.
52013Ethical issues in health care sector in India-Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Srinivasan, Vasanthi IIMB Management ReviewVol.25Iss.149-62p.
625-Dec-2015From labs to markets, the emerging market for biological drugs in India-Chatterjee, Chirantan India Abroad
72018Gender and its rising role in modern Indian innovation and entrepreneurship-Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Ramu, Swapnika IIMB Management ReviewVol.30Iss.162-72p.
82018Government health insurance and spatial peer effects: new evidence from India-Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Joshi, Chirantan ; Sood, Neeraj ; Boregowda, P Social Science and MedicineVol.196131-141p.
92016Hit where it hurts: Cartel policing using targeted sales and supply embargoes-Bhaskarabhatla, Ajay ; Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Karreman, Bas Journal of Law and EconomicsVol.59Iss.4805-846p.
1023-Apr-2016India will have to decide whether it wants to get serious about R&D by taking IPR seriously-Chatterjee, Chirantan The Economic Times
1113-Nov-2015Is India ready to reset its innovation mojo?-Chatterjee, Chirantan LiveMint
123-Sep-2015Is the new 'Mann der Tats' changing Indian society?-Chatterjee, Chirantan Hindustan Times
132011It’s time for De-Novo thinking in Indian pharmaceutical policy making-Chatterjee, Chirantan 
1417-Jan-2015It’s time to ratchet up India’s intellectual property stance-Chatterjee, Chirantan Hindustan Times
152017Mitigating regulatory impact : the case of partial price controls on metformin in India-Bhaskarabhatla, Ajay ; Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Anurag, Priyatam ; Pennings, Enrico Health Policy And PlanningVol.32Iss.2194-204p.
162016Regulation and welfare: Evidence from paragraph IV generic entry in the pharmaceutical industry-Branstetter, Lee ; Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Higgins, Matthew J Rand Journal of EconomicsVol.47Iss.4857-890p.
1716-Dec-2016State-championed or private low-end disruption! Who will win this horse race in steady state?-Chatterjee, Chirantan The Economic Times
182015The consumer welfare implications of governmental policies and firm strategy in markets for medicines-Chatterjee, Chirantan ; Kubo, Kensuke ; Pingali, Viswanath Journal of Health EconomicsVol.44255-273p.
192017The role of physicians in prescribing irrational fixed-dose combination medicines in India-Bhaskarabhatla, Ajay ; Chatterjee, Chirantan Social Science and MedicineVol.174179-187p.
2020-Jul-2016What India must do to create Its own world-class academic journals-Chatterjee, Chirantan The wire