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Full Name
Ojha, Abhoy K
Vernacular Name
Abhoy K Ojha
Abhoy K Ojha
Ojha, Abhoy Kumar
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Professor Ojha started teaching in the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, during his doctoral programme. Prior to joining IIMB, he was an Assistant Professor at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada. He worked as an engineer in the Bombay Division of the Oil and Natural Gas Commission, before pursuing doctoral studies in management. He has been involved with academic administration in various capacities at IIMB. He has served as Chairperson (Admissions), Chairperson (Post Graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management), and Chairperson (Executive Education), besides being a member of several other academic committees.
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12017A view from the vendors side: factors that determine satisfaction-Gopalakrishnan, Shanthi ; Guilbault, Melody ; Ojha, Abhoy K South Asian Journal of Business StudiesVol.6Iss.3214-228p.
22019Abandon Hofstede-based research? Not yet! A perspective from the philosophy of the social sciences-Ojha, Abhoy K ; Venkateswaran, Ramya Tarakad Asia Pacific Business ReviewVol.25Iss.3413-434p.
32012Beyond corporate social responsibility: a role for corporate India in rural primary education-Ojha, Abhoy K ; Dwarkaprasad, Chakravarty IIM Kozhikode Society & Management ReviewVol.1Iss.255-63p.
42014Business Process Offshoring: Challenges in Establishing Enduring Relationships Between Canadian and Indian Organizations-Ojha, Abhoy K South Asian Journal of ManagementVol.21Iss.2123-150p.
52005Creating innovating organisations: the experience of the IT industry in India-Ojha, Abhoy K ; Kasturi, Anand IIMB Management ReviewVol.17Iss.317-31p.
62002Decomposing a partner: intraorganisational dynamics in inter-organisational relationships-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.14Iss.39-16p.
72005High performance organisations: discussion-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.17Iss.473-91p.
82014Job Performance of Forest Guards in India: Understanding the Personal and Behavioral Antecedents-Ojha, Abhoy K ; Gairola, Suresh South Asian Journal of ManagementVol.21Iss.351-72p.
92012Management research in India: current state and future directions-Khatri, Naresh ; Ojha, Abhoy K ; Budhwar, Pawan ; Srinivasan, Vasanthi ; Varma, Arup IIMB Management ReviewVol.24Iss.2104-115p.
102017Managerial values and organizational identities in the developing world: an introduction to the special issue-Pant, Anirvan ; Ojha, Abhoy K Journal of Human ValuesVol.23Iss.1VII-XIIp.
112014MNCs in India: focus on frugal innovation-Ojha, Abhoy K Journal of indian Business ResearchVol.6Iss.14-28p.
122002Organisational Learning, Transformational Leadership and Implementation of Continuous Quality Improvement in Canadian Hospitals-Lebrasseur, Rolland ; Whissell, Robert ; Ojha, Abhoy K Australian Journal of ManagementVol.27Iss.2141-162p.
132004Organizational forms in the electronic age-Ojha, Abhoy K VikalpaVol.29Iss.383-95p.
141997Public sector management and change: PSUs; are we ready to change?-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.9Iss.2-351-62p.
151998Rethinking rewards: rewarding A and Hoping for B-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.10Iss.45-12p.
162017Strategic management research on emerging economies: cultural imperialism in universalizing research paradigms-Venkateswaran, Ramya Tarakad ; Ojha, Abhoy K Critical Perspectives on international BusinessVol.13Iss.3204-225p.
172005Successful' call centre employees: understanding employee attributes and performance evaluation processes.-Ojha, Abhoy K ; Kasturi, Anand IIMB Management ReviewVol.17Iss.293-102p.
182014The emergence of an organizational field: the case of open source software-Ojha, Abhoy K ; Rao, Ravi Anand VikalpaVol.39Iss.2127-143p.
192000The Indian software industry: what makes for commitment-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.12Iss.47-13p.
202000Total quality management: How can we make the implementation effective?-Ojha, Abhoy K VikalpaVol.25Iss.219-29p.