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Gupta, Subhashish
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Subhashish Gupta
Subhashish Gupta
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Professor Gupta’s interests are in Industrial Organization, Regulation, Antitrust, Economics of Organizations, and Telecommunications. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank, the ADB, TERI, the Government of India, the Competition Commission of India, AICTE, and 24/7 Customer. He has taught Managerial Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Regulation and Advanced Microeconomics to PGP, PGPPM, EPGP, PGPPM, EEP and FPM students. He was previously chair of the ESS Area and Admissions Chair for IIMB.
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12012Cellular mobile in India: competition and policy-Gupta, Subhashish Pacific AffairsVol.85Iss.3483-510p.
22007Competition policy and law: academic perspective-Gupta, Subhashish IIMB Management ReviewVol.19Iss.4426-431p.
32018Information and communications technology markets cases in competition law-Gupta, Subhashish ; Tyagi, Kalpana Economic and Political WeeklyVol.53Iss.3853-60p.
42002IPR: Information Technology-Gupta, Subhashish IIMB Management ReviewVol.14Iss.373-79p.
52003N R Mohanty: Reaching for the Sky-Chandrashekar, S ; Gupta, Subhashish ; Agrawal, Narendra M IIMB Management ReviewVol.15Iss.328-36p.
62000Privatisation in India: concerns and methods-Gupta, Subhashish ; Venkatesh, N S IIMB Management ReviewVol.12Iss.25-16p.
72015Telecommunications at the crossroads in India-Gupta, Subhashish IIMB Management ReviewVol.27Iss.3196-208p.
82018Twilight of voice, dawn of data: the future of telecommunications in India-Gupta, Subhashish ; Tyagi, Kalpana ; Upadhyay, Rajkumar DecisionVol.45Iss.2161-183p.