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Bandi, Rajendra K
Vernacular Name
Rajendra K Bandi
Rajendra K Bandi
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Dr. Bandi is a Professor of Information Systems at IIMB. He started teaching during his doctoral programme at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Prior to joining IIMB, he was an Assistant Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, USA.
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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
12003Capability development in knowledge intensive IT enabled services-Shah, Vishal ; Bandi, Rajendra K European Journal of Work and Organizational PsychologyVol.12Iss.4418-427p.
22022Conflict management in agile distributed development: Evidence from product development and services engagements-Saxena, Ashay ; Venkatagiri, Shankar ; Bandi, Rajendra K Information Technology and Management
32003Corporate social sesponsibility in the information and communication technologies sector: Discussion-Bandi, Rajendra K ; Mehra, Malini ; Jose, P D IIMB Management ReviewVol.15Iss.461-77p.
42003Developing people capabilities in knowledge intensive remote services-Bandi, Rajendra K ; Shah, Vishal Research and Practice in Human Resource ManagementVol.11Iss.155-64p.
52003Predicting maintenance performance using object-oriented design complexity metrics-Bandi, Rajendra K ; Vaishnavi, Vijay K ; Turk, Daniel E IEEE Transactions on Software EngineeringVol.29Iss.177-87p.
62014State of the academic field of IS in India-Bandi, Rajendra K ; Rao, Ravi Anand ; Gunupudi, Laxmi Information Technology and ManagementVol.15Iss.3163-175p.
72004The importance of a comprehensive adoption decision in the presence of perceived opportunities: The testresults case-Bagri, Pankaj ; Murty, L S ; Madanmohan, T R ; Bandi, Rajendra K Annals of Cases on Information TechnologyVol.6195-204p.