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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2018A study of the performance of mutual funds in India-Menon, Anish Shankar 145p.
2003Adaptation and evolution of internet based electronic marketplaces: an empirical analysis-Ganesh, Jai 196p.
2012Adaptation to climate change in rural India: evidence from Chitraburga district in Karnatak State-Murty, Kopparla Narayana 288p.
1996The adoption of the generic program innovations: ISO 9000 and TQM by manufacturing organisations-Venket, Suresh 202p.
2018Affordance-based interestingness in augmented association rule mining-Sethi, Rupal 153p.
2016Aggregating default risk information from equity and debt markets: time-series and cross-sectional implications-Krishna, Aishwarya 158p
2016Agile software development: adaptations undertaken by global software services engagements-Rao, Ravi Anand 240p
2009Alliances for innovation: the impact of firm and alliance characteristics on learning skills and competencies from partner(s) in the Indian biotechnology industry-Joseph, Thomas 151p.
2012Analysing the impact of green initiatives on firms and supply chains under green sensitive consumer demand-Ghosh, Debabrata 164p.
2019Analysis of impact of project manager autonomy on project performance, factoring in contingencies-Papi Reddy, Annapureddy Rama 154p.
2016Analysis of performance based contracts for capital equipment and manufacturing systems-Patra, Pradipta 132p
2010An analytical model for pricing line-extensions of consumer non-durables-Rakshit, Krishanu 78p.
2012Analyzing capacity investment decisions in decentralized supply chains-Mathur, Puneet Prakash 147p.
2008Antecedents and consequences of burnout among it professionals employed in offshore projects-Chalil, Gloryson R B 298p.
1999An artifact-based methodology for reengineering information-intensive business processes:-Das, Madhuchhanda 166p.
1998Assessing the effectiveness of the HR department: a multiple consultancy framework-Srinivasan, Vasanthi 133p.
2014Behavioral aspects of new product development: an empirical study of hi-tech firms in India-Garud, Niharika 198p.
2015Behavioral micro foundations of the entrepreneur's occupational choice decision-Ramesh, Anusha 151p
2021Behavioural response to policy instruments towards domestic water conservation-Vivek 188p.
2012Benefits of business group affiliation: the role of portfolio diversity, multi-entity form, and core ownership-Manikandan, K S 153p.