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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2016I am not Gen X or Y. I am a digital Visitor!! Listen to me' (special issue 'Building Diverse Organizations)-Srinivasan, Vasanthi NHRD Network JournalVol.9Iss.277-83p.
20-Dec-2009I want everyone to feel good, success will flow-The Financial Express
1994i) Analysis of the leather, textile, and metallurgy industry in India and preparation of profiles of identified promoters in these sectors, ii) Competitor analysis and formulation of competitive strategy for A.F.Ferguson, Bangalore and iii) Environment and safety audit at an industrial perfumes and fragrances unit.-Velayudhan, Jayan 60p.
2004IBM India Ltd.-Prakash, R. 8p.
2003IBM-PCD in Chennai - A competitive study of IBM's personal computing division vis-a-vis the competition; IBM India-Hans, Anurag 
2004IBM: protect your turf (PUT)/mass proposal activity-Devarajan, Deepak 19p.
1991ICDS Project - Pushpganj-Premchander 10p.
2005ICICI bank picture credit cards: a need Gap analysis-Pahlajani, Neeraj 20p.
1995ICICI group - performance and prospects post liberalization-Gupta, Manish ; Sehgal, Divya 
2005ICICI Prudential's Foray into the MRTA segment: to ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company-Gupta, Shivani 23p.
2012ICPD@20 in the Post-2015 development agenda, Regional dialogue on “Sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda: The future Asia Pacific women want-Sen, Gita 
2014ICT and work-family balance: context of Indian software services-Sardeshmukh, Shruti R ; Srinivasan, Vasanthi Labour & Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of workVol.24Iss.140-54p.
2007ICT implementation in rural India - M S Swaminathan Research Foundation-Pattanaik, Badri Narayan ; Suman, K 
2020ICT Intervention Challenges in Education in Rural India-Naik, Gopal ; Rao, K N Narasinga ; Baje, Ashwini 
2014ICT interventions for agro-market access-Kadam, Vikram ; Barhate, Deepak 21p.
2014ICT sector’s role in climate change mitigation: An analysis of climate change performance and preparedness of 320 global ICT companies-Jose, P D 56p.
2012ICT study: India and China-Rajendra, B N ; Jindal, Sabia 28p.
2020ICT usage among women in rural India-Haloi, Sundeep ; Baghel, Neeru 21p.
2018ICT4D research: a call for a strong critical approach-De, Rahul ; Pal, Abhipsa ; Sethi, Rupal ; Reddy, Sunil K ; Chitre, Chetan Information Technology For DevelopmentVol.24Iss.163-94p.
8-Dec-2009ID confusion puts CAT aspirant through agony-The Hindu