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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2021G-network models to support planning for disaster relief distribution-Krishnamurthy, Ananth ; Ozen, Merve International Journal of Production Research
2003Gabriel at cross roads; Gabriel India Limited and Anand Corporate Services-Mandal, Sourish 
4-Apr-2012Gain knowledge of phenomenal world-Narayanswamy, Ramnath Deccan Herald, Bangalore
2016Gaining insights into the efficiency of the Indian banking sector-Elvira Herranz, Ruben ; De, Rahul AESTIMATIO, The IEB International Journal of FinanceVol.Vol. 1370-89p.
2020Gains from trade under quality uncertainty-Dasgupta, Kunal 26p.
Jan-2011Gallows for the retailer-Vaidyanathan, R Eternal India68-74p.
2016Game theoretic analysis: Dabur vs Patanjali-Dey, Koustav ; Aggarwal, Pulkit 21p.
2000Game theoretic aspects in marketing-Shome, Subrata 
2006Game theory - a study on the fishing industry around lake Victoria-Malhotra, Martin 
1995Game theory and the logic of R & D strategic alliances-Ramani, Shyama V 26p.
2008Gaming industry in India: the latent goldmine-Arora, Bhupinder Singh ; Bose, Partha Pratim 58p.
22-Aug-2012Gandhi's religion is spirituality-Narayanswamy, Ramnath Deccan Herald, Bangalore
4-Oct-2016Gandhi’s contribution to evolutionary excellence-Narayanswamy, Ramnath 
2011Gap analysis and market entry strategy for DHL in FTL (Full Truck Load) trucking business in Bangalore-Vishnu, D ; Muruganandam, M 32p.
1998Gap analysis of the ketchup market in India; BBLIL (Culinary Products Division), Bangalore-Rajagopal, Srinivasan 
2001Gap analysis report: Design for six sigma; GE Capital-Pai, Ravindra 
1999Gaps in pricing tools-Anand, B. 73p.
2011Gas based power generation: a market potential study for Turbine Inlet Air Cooling-Kiran, Amal 39p.
2014Gas pricing in India, disparity with the global standards and conflicts-Pagaria, Gaurav ; Aggarwal, Nitish 26p.
2002Gauge consumer perception of leasing and fleet management product at retail level (Vol.1). To design and implementation of a smart card solution for Maruti N2N (Vol.2); Maruti Udyog Limited, Gurgaon-Anurag, Sinha ; Mamta, Sarangal