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Narrative analysis of annual reports: Studies on communication efficiency and integritySrinivasan, R The business of internet in IndiaBhagavatula, Suresh
New light on the mechanisms underlying the attitude similarity-attraction linkSingh, Ramadhar
New public management and primary education: Understanding reform initiatives in government primary schoolsKamath, Rajalaxmi  
Nonlinear reinforcement learning of dynamic nash equilibriaBasu, Arnab
On the link between tax non-compliance and embezzlement: Experimental evidenceBanerjee, Ritwik
Organizational enlightenment (OREN)Mattila, Sari S A
Organizational stress: Impact on workplace performance and the cost of health careKumar, U Dinesh
Peoples’ appraisal: Dialogues on the AnnaBhagya scheme of Government of KarnatakaSriram, M S
Philanthropy and social networksBaul, Tushi
Physicians/doctors and their role in cartels and irrational bundling of combination drugs in Indian pharmaceutical industryChatterjee, Chirantan
Premium watch industryKumar, S Ramesh
Product development capabilities relating to offshoring and outsourcingTripathy, Anshuman
Project 1: Social identity, taste bias and under provisioning of public goods; Project 2: Discrimination in fairness – Evidence from an online labor marketBanerjee, Ritwik
Quality of governance projectRaj, Prateek
Railway electrificationAnshuman, V Ravi
Regulation, competition, and innovation in the global bio-pharmaceutical industry?Chatterjee, Chirantan
Relative performance of business group mutual funds using survivorship bias free database of Indian mutual fund returnsGhosh, Pulak
Resolving identity contradictionsKulkarni, Mukta 
Resource planning at Akshaya Patra VrindavanTripathy, Anshuman