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Economic analysis and valuation of cultural and intellectual property heritage of classical performing arts theatres of India: Lessons from four case studiesDamodaran, Appukuttan
Effects of community inequality on individual malnutrition?Mukherji, Arnab
Electoral competition with privately informed playersChatterjee, Kalyan
Entrepreneurship and capability development in Indian bio-pharmaceuticals: An empirical investigation behind the formation of an R and D intensive emerging economy sectorChatterjee, Chirantan
Evaluating the impact of self help groups (SHGs): Evidence from IndiaDutta, Souvik
Evolution of modern market insitutionsRaj, Prateek
Exploring consumer–brand relationships (the Indian context)Kumar, S Ramesh
Exploring qualitative dimensions in the personal care categoryKumar, S Ramesh
Externally provided information use process in Indian agriculture and impact on productivityNaik, Gopal
Fertilizer to FMCG: The transformation of GNFC (tentative and indicative)Mukherji, Sourav
Financial development and economic growth: Evidence from IndiaThampy, Ashok
Financial inclusion after Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan YojanaSingh, Charan
Firm size and export behaviour: An international bookPatibandla, Murali 
Foreign direct investment in the retail sector: Few issuesPatibandla, Murali 
Foundations of applied macroeconomics: A policy rate approachMoorthy, Vivek
Fullerton India Credit Company Limited (FICCL)Anshuman, V Ravi
Future of work and it’s perceived impact on mid-career professionalsMahapatra, Gopal
Gandhi’s contribution to evolutionary excellenceNarayanswamy, Ramnath
Gender differences in leadership by sacrificeBanerjee, Ritwik
Generalized Polya UrnsBasu, Arnab