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2019Does brand experience translate into brand commitment?: a mediated-moderation model of brand passion and perceived brand ethicality-Das, Gopal ; Agarwal, James ; Malhotra, Naresh K ; Varshneya, Geetika Journal of Business ResearchVol.95479-490p.
2019Emotional echo chambers: How emojis affect consumers’ emotions and responses to social media posts-Das, Gopal ; Moore, Sarah ; Mukhopadhyay, Anirban 
2018Hear what’s here: the effect of semantically congruent lyrics on brand perception-Manu, M A Jose ; Das, Gopal 
2019How self-construal guides preference for partitioned versus combined pricing-Das, Gopal ; Roy, Rajat Journal of Business ResearchVol.101152-160p.
2022Improving base-of-the-pyramid consumer welfare through mobile technology services-Pandey, Devansh ; Mukherjee, Srabanti ; Das, Gopal ; Zhang, Jonathan Z Journal of Services MarketingVol.36Iss.2232-244p.
2021Pandemics and marketing: Insights, impacts, and research opportunities-Das, Gopal ; Jain, Shailendra Pratap ; Maheswaran, Durairaj ; Slotegraaf, Rebecca J ; Srinivasan, Raji Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceVol.49835-854p.
2021Retailing and emergent technologies-Grewal, Dhruv ; Gauri, Dinesh Kumar ; Das, Gopal ; Agarwal, James ; Spence, Mark T Journal of Business ResearchVol.134198-202p.
2021Social selling cues: The dynamics of posting numbers viewed and bought on customers' purchase intentions-Das, Gopal ; Spence, Mark T ; Agarwal, James International Journal of Research in Marketing
2020The mitigating effect of matching regulatory focus with arousalinducing stimuli in service failure situations-Das, Gopal ; Roy, Rajat ; Spence, Mark T Psychology and MarketingVol.37Iss.101420-1432p.
2018The Relationship between social distance and happiness-Das, Gopal ; Balaji, Makam 
2022The role of contextual factors in increasing Pay-What-You-Want payments: Evidence from field experiments-Roy, Rajat ; Das, Gopal Journal of Business ResearchVol.1391540-1552p.
2022To earmark or not to earmark when gift-giving: Gift-givers' and gift-recipients' diverging preferences for earmarked cash gifts-Givi, Julian ; Das, Gopal Psychology and MarketingVol.39Iss.2420-428p.
2019To emoji or not to emoji? : examining the influence of emoji on consumer reactions to advertising-Das, Gopal ; Wiener, Hillary J D ; Kareklas, Loannis Journal of Business ResearchVol.96147-156p.
2020When do consumers prefer partitioned prices? The role of mood and pricing tactic persuasion knowledge-Das, Gopal ; Roy, Rajat ; Naidoo, Vik Journal of Business ResearchVol.11660-67p.
2021When do consumers value ethical attributes? The role of perceived quality in gift-giving-Das, Gopal ; Peloza, John ; Varshneya, Geetika ; Green, Todd European Journal of MarketingVol.55Iss.1315-335p.