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2021Appraising the revamped performance management system in Indian IT multinational enterprises: The employees' perspective-Tripathi, Ritu ; Thite, Mohan ; Varma, Arup ; Mahapatra, Gopal Human Resource ManagementVol.60Iss.5825-838p.
2009Expatriates of host-country origin: coming home to test the waters-Thite, Mohan ; Srinivasan, Vasanthi ; Harvey, Michael ; Valk, Reimara International Journal of Human Resource ManagementVol.20Iss.2269-285p.
2003Human resources issues, challenges and strategies in the Indian software industry-Agrawal, Narendra M ; Thite, Mohan International journal of Human resources development and managementVol.3Iss.3249-264p.