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dc.contributor.advisorMurali, Srinivasan
dc.contributor.authorSolanki, Ayush
dc.description.abstractThe MSME sector majorly contributes to any country's growth, but it is also one of the sectors that need the most attention and support from the government as it faces many hurdles. One of which is Electric outages, so our report will majorly focus on how these outages throughout the country affect this sector's output and labor productivity and how this affects the country's overall GDP. We used the world banks report ''THE WORLD BANK Enterprise Survey - INDIA Manufacturing Module" to come up with the data. To come to results, we calculated (i). What loss does the MSME manufacturing sector have in sales/output? (ii). How much output increases if firms invest in their power infrastructure (Generators) (iii). Comparing different Industries in the manufacturing sector in terms Directs loss they incur due to power outages. (iv). How power outage affects Labour productivity in different Industries - Comparison of firms that have an outage and don't. (v). Analyzing firms' investment patterns in electricity infrastructure.
dc.publisherIndian Institute of Management Bangalore
dc.subjectPower outage
dc.subjectLobour productivity
dc.subjectElectric outages
dc.titleImpact of power outage on labour productivity
dc.typeCCS Project Report-PGP
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