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dc.contributor.advisorBandi, Rajendra K
dc.contributor.authorSamhitha, Khatravath
dc.contributor.authorAjithchandra, Gopu
dc.description.abstractCOVID-19 affected all the countries differently and each country wanted to tackle the situation in their own way. The advent of pandemic has impacted negatively towards the lives of people but there have been many technological advancements which could be considered a positive impact. There have been many digital technologies used in various fields such as tracking the outbreak, contact tracing, supply chain etc. With the pandemic in place, even the corporate world is trying to shift their work into hybrid mode and there is a general view of people that this mode is here to stay even after the world goes back into normal. Here, in this article we have tried to summarize various technological deployments by various countries in this pandemic time. Some of these include tracking the outbreak, monitoring/surveillance, dissemination of Covid related info, contact tracing apps, supply chain especially the vaccine distribution etc. We have focused a bit more on the contact tracing and self-monitoring apps of countries - India, South Korea and China and the privacy concerns faced by the citizens of these countries. The report aims to provide a basic analysis of various technologies deployed and the concerns/issues that arose due to these fast-growing technologies. The implementation of the technologies during the pandemic will result in the improvement of healthcare in most of the countries.
dc.publisherIndian Institute of Management Bangalore
dc.subjectDigital technologies
dc.subjectSupply chain
dc.titleAnalysis of deployment of technologies in different countries in handling the Covid situation
dc.typeCCS Project Report-PGP
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