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Title: Automated content exchange through content aggregation and syndication
Authors: Krishnan, Balaji T. S. 
Keywords: E-commerce;Strategic differentiation;Business paradigm;Oranizational requirements;Information intermediary;Content syndication
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Series/Report no.: PGSM-PR-P1-02
Abstract: Internet since it's repositioning by virtue of the arrival of interactive browsers has opened up new opportunities to conduct business with unprecedented ease. The promise this medium holds out has captured the global imagination to an extent that one is left with more information than one can handle. The Internet customer today demands a strategic differentiation of Web Sites that can only be achieved by means of providing timely, context sensitive and personalized information to the visitor. Content has become the centerpiece of action that makes or breaks one's business prospects on the Net. The Content based commerce involves players who assume the roles of Content Originators, Syndicators, Aggregators and Consumers. The transaction model among these business process entities confirms to the established economic laws of supply and demand. There is a clear mandate to the players in this industry to identify long-term sources of revenue and create an appropriate internal revenue model to sustain themselves in this business. There is a constant need for innovation in quality of content, context of the content as well as delivery models to be adopted to serve the needs of the market. The challenge remains in being able to accurately measure the performance of the transactive content and ensure that a suitable pricing policy is put in place. The performance measures must be in tune with the needs of the market rather than an imitation of the historic information exchange model. Content Syndication promises to grow into a business with huge potential by capitalizing on the ever-increasing need for timely and relevant information by consumers for their day-to-day personal and business needs. The opportunity to establish a significant presence in this market exists not for an original producer of content but for one who is able to bring in the most innovative syndication model and thereby locking in the consumers.
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