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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
1981A study of institutional buses in metropolitan city on Bangalore-Mahesh, Chand ; Ramu, S Shiva 18p.
2020Analytics education-Kumar, U Dinesh IIMB Management ReviewVol.32Iss.1108-117p.
2007Building a research agenda on people related challenges to technology organisations: discussion-Srinivasan, Vasanthi IIMB Management ReviewVol.19Iss.3285-297p.
2006Business analytics in India: opportunities and challenges; discussion-Murthy, Ishwar IIMB Management ReviewVol.18Iss.2175-191p.
2007Competition policy and law: discussion-Gupta, Subhashish IIMB Management ReviewVol.19Iss.4432-443p.
2008Contemporary financial risk management: discussion-Bhattacharyya, Malay IIMB Management ReviewVol.20Iss.3297-310p.
2008Creative marketing for IT firms: Discussion-Moorthi, Y L R IIMB Management ReviewVol.20Iss.1101-112p.
2009Demographic change and the public health system in India: discussion-Mukherji, Arnab IIMB Management ReviewVol.21Iss.3266-279p.
2008Enhancing marketing performance: discussion-Mulky, Avinash G IIMB Management ReviewVol.20Iss.4423-435p.
2009Global sourcing through electronic markets: discussion-Mahadevan, B IIMB Management ReviewVol.21Iss.4334-344p.
2005Jobs on the move: de-localisation and relocation of ework-discussion-Bandi, Rajendra K ; Srinivasan, Vasanthi IIMB Management ReviewVol.17Iss.271-90p.
2009Managing networks for entrepreneurial success: discussion-Bhagavatula, Suresh IIMB Management ReviewVol.21Iss.159-69p.
2007Optimal organisational design for regulatory bodies: the case of the competition commission of India-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.19Iss.4444-458p.
2008Rethinking the BOP: New models for the new Millennium; discussion-Jose, P D IIMB Management ReviewVol.20Iss.2203-214p.
2007Supply chain Issues in knowledge-based service industries: discussion-Shah, Janat IIMB Management ReviewVol.19Iss.2173-188p.