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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
Mar-2010IIMB Campus beat, April 2010-4p.
Aug-2010IIMB Campus beat, August 2010-4p.
Dec-2009IIMB Campus Beat, December 2009-4p.
Feb-2010IIMB Campus beat, February 1-15; 2010-5p.
Feb-2010IIMB Campus beat, February 16-28; 2010-5p.
Jan-2010IIMB Campus beat, January 2010-4p.
Jul-2010IIMB Campus beat, July 2010-5p.
Jun-2010IIMB Campus beat, June 2010-4p.
Mar-2010IIMB Campus beat, March 2010-4p.
May-2010IIMB Campus beat, May 2010-4p.
Oct-2010IIMB Campus beat, October 2010-4p.
Sep-2010IIMB Campus beat, September 2010-4p.
Jan-2000IIMB Campus News, January 2000-Vol. 11612p.
Jan-2001IIMB Campus News, January 2001-Vol. 12510p.
Jan-2002IIMB Campus News, January 2002-Vol. 13614p.
Jan-2004IIMB Campus News, January 2004-Vol. 15410p.
Jan-1995IIMB Campus News, January-February 1995-Vol. 718p.
Jan-1996IIMB Campus News, January-February 1996-Vol. 8112p.
Jan-1997IIMB Campus News, January-February 1997-Vol. 9114p.
Jan-1998IIMB Campus News, January-February 1998-Vol. 1018p.