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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
3-Jul-2018A chronicle of banking reform: Reforming the Indian public sector banks; The lessons and the challenges-Sriram, M S Business Standard
30-May-2013A new tilt in the tale: Business guru Ram Charan's makes the short point that economic power is shifting from the North to the South, Review of Global tilt leading your business through the great economic power shift by Ram Charan, RH Business Books, 2013; 321p.-Sriram, M S Business Standard
7-Oct-2019A nifty recap of banking-Singh, Charan Business Standard
24-Dec-2013A professor's notes from the underground: Review of Floating city by Sudhir Venkatesh, Allen Lane, 278 pages-Sriram, M S Business Standard
16-Nov-2018A question of autonomy: How independent can independent agencies really be?-Sriram, M S Business Standard
12-Aug-2018A road map to remember, Review of book "The excellence dividend by Tom Peters"-Raghuram, G Business Today
2009Agricultural development, rural institutions and economic policy: essays for a Vaidyanathan edited by Gopal K Kadekodi and Brinda Viswanathan, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2009, 325p., Rs. 795.00-Kamath, Rajalaxmi IIMB Management ReviewVol.21Iss.4350-351p.
1991Agriculture and technology in developing countries: India and Nigeria by Roy Summit, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1990, 223p.-Gopalaswamy, T P IIMB Management ReviewVol.6Iss.1-2194-196p.
1997Anti-dumbing & countervailing measures: the complete reference by R K Gupta, Response Books, New Delhi, 1996, 295p., Rs. 425.00-Chanda, Rupa IIMB Management ReviewVol.9Iss.2-3105-107p.
16-Jul-2016Between Mint road and North block-Sriram, M S Business Standard
1990Beurocracy, organizational and development by Prayag Mehta, Sage Publication, New Delhi, 1989, 188p.-Anand Ram, V IIMB Management ReviewVol.5Iss.1141-143p.
1991Beyond multinationalism by Banaji Kairus and Rohini Hensman, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1990, 234p.-Sampangiramaiah, S IIMB Management ReviewVol.6Iss.1-2176-178p.
26-Jan-2017Big data: Big concerns-Sriram, M S Business Standard
2001Book of the quarter-Manimala, Mathew J Vol.10Iss.2119-121p.
22-Aug-2012Brand-building on Dharavi: Review of poor little rich slum-Sriram, M S Business Standard
15-Jun-2012Bureaucrat on the burning deck: Review of the October coup, A memoir of the Struggle for Hyderabad-Sriram, M S Business Standard
1990Business environment in India by Chopra K S, The Times Research Foundation, 1990, 131p.-Sinha, Piyush Kumar IIMB Management ReviewVol.5Iss.1179-180p.
2014Capital market reform in Asia: towards developed and integrated markets in times of change edited by M. Kawai, A. Sheng , SAGE India, 2012, 396p., Rs. 995.00-Panchapagesan, Venkatesh IIMB Management ReviewVol.26Iss.174-75p.
1998Cases in marketing edited by Hanne Hartvig Larsen, Sage publications, 1998, 205p., £ 45.00 (cloth), £ 16.99 (paper)-Kumar, S Ramesh IIMB Management ReviewVol.10Iss.4144-145p.
2012Chasing stars: the Myth of talent and the portability of performance by Boris Groysberg, Princeton University Press; 446p., Rs. 1094.00-Anand Ram, V IIMB Management ReviewVol.24Iss.2116-117p.