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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
20138 steps to innovation: going from jugaad to excellence 8 steps to Innovation; going from jugaad to excellence-Krishnan, Rishikesha T ; Dabholkar, Vinay 320p.
2011A casebook on corporate governance and stewardship-Balasubramanian, N 332p.
2005Accounting: made easy, 1st edition-Agrawal, Rajesh ; Srinivasan, R 198p.
2011Accounting: made easy, 2nd edition-Agrawal, Rajesh ; Srinivasan, R 224p.
2014Adaptation to climate change in Asia-Vachani, Sushil ; Usmani, Jawed 232p.
1991Advertising agencies: Global and Indian perspectives-Ramu, S Shiva 132p.
2009An alternative paradigm of democratization: a game-theoretic model and empirical evidence-Munshi, Soumyanetra 100p.
2017Applied macroeconomics: employment, growth and inflation-Moorthy, Vivek 262p.
2002Assessing the impact of irrigation management transfer: case studies from Maharashtra-Naik, Gopal ; Kalro, Amarlal H ; Brewer, Jeffrey D ; Samad, M ; Sakthivadivel, R 157p.
2017Behavioural finance , 1st edition-Chandra, Prasanna 424p.
2016Beyond uneconomic growth: economics, equity and the ecological predicament-Farley, Joshua ; Malghan, Deepak 384p.
1999Brand management: the Indian context-Moorthi, Y L R 171p.
2003Brand management: the Indian context-Moorthi, Y L R 184p.
2017Business analytics: the Science of data - driven decision making-Kumar, U Dinesh 560p.
2010Business clusters: partnering for strategic advantage-Jayachandran, C ; Thorpe, Micheal ; Subramanian, Ram ; Nagadevara, Vishnuprasad 392p.
2002Business gurus speak, 1st edition-Chary, S N 56p.
2011Business market management (B2B): understanding, creating, and delivering value, 3rd edition-Anderson, James C ; Narus, James A ; Narayandas, Das ; Seshadri, D V R 496p.
2012Case studies in marketing management, 1st edition-Kumar, S Ramesh 392p.
2016Changing contours of Microfinance in India, 1st edition-Jayadev, M ; Diatha, Krishna Sundar 264p.
1993Collective bargaining-Patil, B R 539p.