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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2006R and D cluster: a comparison across cities-Pathak, Bhanu 69p.
2004R and D outsourcing model at Sasken Technologies, Bangalore-Nethrapal, M. S. 14p.
1992Radialisation in Calcutta; Dunlop India limited, Calcutta-Singh, Jaideep Rai 41p.
2007Radical change accidentally: the emergence and amplification of small change-Ashmos Plowman, Donde ; Baker, Lakami T ; Beck, Tammy E ; Kulkarni, Mukta ; Thomas Solansky, Stephanie ; Villarreal Travis, Deandra Academy of Management JournalVol.50Iss.3515-543p.
2001Radio city - an application of the diffusion of innovation model-Ashita, Gulati ; Divya, Khanna 
2008Radio frequency identification at John Deere-Priyadarshini, Deepshikha 14p.
2010Radio frequency spectrum pricing for 3G telecom licenses: a system dynamics modelling approach-Tarun Choudhary 174p.
2004Radio vs outdoor advertising: Times of India-Kalakata, Aishwarya R. 39p.
20-Jun-2016Raghuram Rajan report card: It's actually too early to tell whether he was an effective RBI governor-Sriram, M S
31-Aug-2017Rail Safety: urgent need for strategic, operational solutions-Raghuram, G Forbes India
2017Railway budget : post merger challenges; a new policy paradigm for infrastructure for this century-Mallick, Pranav Kumar 55p.
24-Apr-2012Railway electrification-Anshuman, V Ravi ; Sharma, Anand Kumar ; Narang, Tapsi 
2006Railway's uneconomic branch lines potential and possibilities-Agarwal, Rajesh 133p.
13-Nov-2018Railways requires sophisticated dynamic pricing mechanisms-Raghuram, G LiveMint
2008Rain water harvesting: a design for IIM Bangalore-Nisha Jayaram 19p.
2015Raindance-Infra build work stream: HUL(IT)-Das, Vijay 6p.
5-Jul-2015Rajaji, the master craftsman: Rajaji was a master craftsman-Narayanswamy, Ramnath Swarajya
2005Ralative ability of India and China to deal with oil price hikes-Giri, Vishnu V 
2010Ramanagaram financial diaries: cash patterns and repayments of microfinance borrowers-Kamath, Rajalaxmi ; Mukherji, Arnab ; Ramanathan, Smita Enterprise Development and MicrofinanceVol.21Iss.2101-117p.
2008Ramanagaram financial diaries: loan repayments and cash patterns of the urban slums-Kamath, Rajalaxmi ; Mukherji, Arnab ; Smita, Ramanathan 16p.