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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
1982Package design for ratio analysis; ORG Systems, Baroda-Subramaniam, Mohan 48p.
1988Package of services for export associates, State trading corporation of India limited, New Delhi-Sadhu, Rahul Kumar 38p.
2014Package pricing in hospitals-Nitin, P. N. 11p.
2002Packaged atta; ITC Limited-Arora, Gaurav 
1996Packaging 2000: A project on the study of laminates, duplex cartons and lables used by Nestle' India Limited; Nestle' India Limited-Bahadur, Kanika 
1980Packing and transporting system to reduce breakages of sleeves and slabs; Greaves Foseco Limited, Calcutta-Apte, Rajiv Narayan 21p.
1992Packing for trade goods; Mico, Bangalore-Ravishankar, W S 46p.
10-Dec-2009Painful wait for CAT candidates-The Times of India
2012Pairs trading strategies in Indian equity markets-Mohapatra, Sudeep ; Singh, Vaibhav 20p.
1995Pal credit and capital ltd.; PAL Credit and Capital Ltd.-Bhabhe, Abhijit 87p.
1999Palmolive naturals - A study of the variables affecting the push strategy; R S M, Calcutta-Chintamani, Arvind 
2002Palmtop pilot project-improving effectiveness; Colgate-Palmolive (India)Limited-Gangrade, Sudarshan 
2004Pampers in Indonesia : Global business unit, Singapore-Sehgal, Rashmi 10p.
2000Panama textiles-Jagadish, S 5p.
2020Pandemic containment and inequality in a developing economy-Dasgupta, Kunal ; Murali, Srinivasan 41p.
2021Pandemics and marketing: Insights, impacts, and research opportunities-Das, Gopal ; Jain, Shailendra Pratap ; Maheswaran, Durairaj ; Slotegraaf, Rebecca J ; Srinivasan, Raji Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceVol.49835-854p.
1997Pandemonium: towards a retro-organization theory by Gibson Burrell, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1997, £ 40.00-Jacob, Nina IIMB Management ReviewVol.9Iss.2-3103-104p.
2017Panel discussant and moderator, inclusive business models for startups-Mukherji, Sourav 
2016Panel discussion about the Union Budget-Singh, Charan 
2017Panel discussion on advice and dissent - YV Reddy-Singh, Charan