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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
1981O and M systems and manualisation; Grindwell Norton Limited, Bombay-Shevade, Suhas P 76p.
11-May-2012Obama's gay vision lights fire under US's Bible Belt-Vaidyanathan, R First Post
2016Obituary: kwok leung-Singh, Ramadhar Asian Journal of Social PsychologyVol.19Iss.288-89p.
2006Objective performance appraisal developing a methodology for the employees of MP forest department-Raman, K. 173p.
1995Objective Trade-off between economic benefits and environmental issues necessary-Ranganathan, V VikalpaVol.20Iss.466-67p.
2013Observations on Implementation of Sakshar Bharat in three Southern States-Tara, S Nayana 
2020Observing and analysing the reactions/adaptability of different retailers during the Covid-19 pandemic-Chakraborty, Deepannita ; Chandra, Tushar Kumar 21p.
2012Obstacles to success in the workplace for people with disabilities: A review and research agenda-Kulkarni, Mukta ; Lengnick-Hall, Mark L 
2014Obstacles to success in the workplace for people with disabilities: a review and research agenda-Kulkarni, Mukta ; Lengnick-Hall, Mark L Human Resource Development ReviewVol.13Iss.2158-180p.
1996Obstetric morbidity in South India: Results from a community survey-Bhatia, Jagdish C ; Cleland, John Social Science and MedicineVol.43Iss.101507-1516p.
1974Occupational values and business by Baldev R Sharma; Sindhu Publications, New Delhi, 1974, 80p., Rs. 21.00-Roy, S K Indian Journal of Industrial RelationsVol.10Iss.2274-276p.
2006Ocwen financial corporation-Malik, Atul 13p.
2008OD-HRD interventions for creating a learning organization: my experiences and reflections as a change agent-Agrawal, Narendra M Recent trends in Human Resource Management88-109p.
2006ODC - building a value model for growth and equal partnership: a strategic perspective-Sengupta, Abhik 48p.
1993OECD Imports of Leather: Indian Performance and Real Exchange Rates of the Indian Rupee-Rajaraman, Indira The Journal of Development StudiesVol.29Iss.3541-560p.
2011OEM customer service improvement: Frudenberg; EagleBurgmann-Dhawale, Sharad 27p.
18-Oct-2017Of Chanakya's spies, Bentham's Panopticon, China and India-Kamath, Rajalaxmi Forbes India
13-Dec-2017Of recapitalisation and resolution of NPAs-Singh, Charan The Hindu Business Line
2011Off-network personalization: competitive analysis and strategies for offnetwork personalization and optimization; Yahoo-Chatterjee, Moinak 10p.
2010Office assessment: A client's perspective; Brigade Group-Rao, B Krishna 10p.