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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
24-Jul-2017Labels we use, images we conjure, and policies we design-Kulkarni, Mukta Forbes India
28-Jan-2013Labor market dynamics in India's software industry-Patibandla, Murali ; Gopal, Shaleen 
2010Labornet: Balancing social value with commercial value-Mukherji, Sourav ; Rodrigues, Caren 
2012Labour laws in India-Verma, Abhishek ; Supriya, C 31p.
2016Labour market and recruitment: education and employability learning from the Indian IT /ITES industry-Agrawal, Narendra M ; Rao, Mendu Rammohan ; Venkatesh, Sudheesh 311-329p.
2012Labour markets in india: equity and economic research; Barclays Capital-Aggarwal, Dhruv 3p.
2011Labour mobility provisions in RTAs-Chanda, Rupa 
2020Labour search with endogenous outside option-Jain, Ritesh ; Murali, Srinivasan 13p.
1987Labour-Intensive and Capital-Intensive Technology in Irrigation Development-Roy, Shyamal ; Rao, P S ; Sunder, A International Journal of Water Resources DevelopmentVol.3Iss.3177 -181p.
2017Lagrangian relaxation for SVM feature selection-Gaudioso, Manlio ; Gorgone, Enrico ; Labb, Martine ; Rodrguez-Cha, Antonio M Computers and Operations ResearchVol.87137-145p.
1995Lakme limited: An equity research report; The ICFAI-SRC, Hyderabad-Vyas, Sundeep 50p.
2013Land acquisition bill: be careful what you wish for; Stantard Chartered Bank-Vardhan, Reechal 20p.
2022Land misallocation and industrial development-Dasgupta, Kunal ; Rao, Rahul 34p.
2019Land-holding, participation in agriculture and short-term migration in rural India-Chandrasekhar, S ; Sahoo, Soham Asian Population StudiesVol.15Iss.2209-227p.
2010Landed cost of coal and iron ore; Macquarie Capital Advisory-More, Shashank 9p.
Sep-2012Landing in troubles and failures in life: a root cause analysis-Mahadevan, B Sadguru’s BlessingsVol.10Iss.119-20
2014Landscaping of m-commerce market in India for Intel Players, issues and market opportunity-Gupta, Nitin ; Kumar, Parveen 40p.
2015Language-based diversity and faultlines in organizations-Kulkarni, Mukta Journal of Organizational BehaviorVol.36Iss.1128-146p.
2015Language-based exclusion and prosocial behaviors in organizations-Kulkarni, Mukta ; Sommer, Kristin Human Resource ManagementVol.54Iss.4637-652p.
2012Large IT/ITES deals in India: winning and customer management in large deals-Banerjee, Anirban ; Sarkar, Arkapravo 28p.