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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
1989Haematology, hardware, consumables, service: Market survey; Pharmacia United Limited, Bangalore-Shobhana, V 44p.
2010Half full or Half empty: Population changes and human rights in today’s Asia-Sen, Gita 
1999Handbook of organization studies edited by Stewart R Clegg, Cynthia Hardy and Walter R Nord, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1996, 730p., £ 65.00-Ojha, Abhoy K IIMB Management ReviewVol.11Iss.1131-132p.
1996A handbook on regulations and procedures relating to mergers and acquisitions in India; ING Barings-Vyas, Satyendra 
2012Handicrafts industry in India-Goutam, Metta Vamsi ; Das, Sheeti Kanta 42p.
10-Oct-2014Handle age with care-Singh, Charan ; Swamidoss, S J S The Indian Express
2020Handle with care: Entrepreneurial reputation-borrowing in an emerging economy-Bhagavatula, Suresh ; Kumar, K ; Prashantham, Shameen Journal of Business Venturing InsightsVol.137p.
1997Handling a turnkey project: A case study-Gopalan, M R ; Mukerji, A K 4p.
1998Handling Euro currency in Ramco Marshal general ledger (GL); Ramco Systems, Chennai-Tripathy, Prashant K 
1997Handling of secondary outputs and variance analysis (PMS module); RAMCO Systems-Sunil, J N V 
4-Jul-2011Hands off the treasures that belong to Lord Vishnu-Vaidyanathan, R First Post
2001Hands-on social marketing: a step-by-step guide by Nedra Kleine Weinreich, Sage Publications, 1999, 262p., $ 29.95 (Paper).-Jha, Mithileshwar IIMB Management ReviewVol.13Iss.31p.
2008Handset maker s strategy in VAS market-Singhal, Mayank ; Agarwal, Rohit 61p.
8-Jun-2015Hanuman and Garuda-Narayanswamy, Ramnath Deccan Herald, Bangalore
23-Sep-2009Happiness is absence of desire-Narayanswamy, Ramnath Deccan Herald, Bangalore
1982Harijan parents educational and occupational aspirations for their children-Gopal, Malathi V 84p.
2005Harmonization of trade standards and their impact on Indian exports-Shilpa, Kapur ; Adak, Siddhartha 
2014Harnessing opportunities to improve agri-food systems-Naik, Gopal 
2014Harry Potter and the universal laws of aesthetics-Sarkar, Sohini 14p.
25-Dec-2016Has demonetisation hit micro-finance?-Sriram, M S The Hindu Business Line