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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2013E commerce business models in India challenges and road ahead-Shetty, Roshan ; Krishnamoorthy, Meenakshi 35p.
2012E commerce in India-Bindu, Gowru Hima ; Shravani, N 41p.
2016E-Auction of carriage fees channel slot on Airtel digital TV platform-Maurya, Praveen Kapildev 9p.
2000E-business models for online education-Mani, Anantharaman 
2009E-Business models for public-private partnerships-Babu Karuppannan, S. ; Padachery, Sandeep 41p.
2010E-business strategies for online consumer clubs-Pai, Niren ; Khanolkar, Swapnish 65p.
1999E-commerce - emerging imperatives for Indian business-Rajiv, R ; Saxena, Sahilendra 
1999E-commerce businessmodels and implementation strategies-Dutta, Sumit 
2015E-Commerce in India-Ghatak, Kausik ; Sinha, Vishal 35p.
2015E-commerce in India: A tremendous opportunity that is still mostly untapped-Helene, Soleilhet 30p.
2015E-commerce in retail in India-Goel, Aman ; Roy, Subir 15p.
1999E-commerce in small and medium enterprises-Samanth, D ; Das, Sharmistha 
2015E-commerce purchase behavior across different online formats-Josiflal, E ; Prithivirajan, S R 55p.
2001E-commerce security-Marndi, Mohan ; Kumar, Praveen 
2020E-commerce: Analysing the future growth in user base for clothing and grocery products-Patil, Pranay ; Totawar, Aditya 46p.
2016E-commerce: Entering the world of augmented reality-Hameed, Abdul ; Raghu Ram, N 21p.
2016E-commerce: Unicorn or another bubble; An insight to Indian e-commerce industry-Dalai, Abhijit ; Birla, Bhavesh Dinesh 72p.
2001E-CRM - to outsource or not?-Prasanna, Sundeep ; Bankal, Naveen 
2001e-CRM in hospitality industry-Ghoshal, Arnab ; Bakde, Amit 
2005e-CTD: towards electronic submissions designing, developing and implementing eSubmissions; to global regulatory affairs and compliance Dr. Reddy's laboratories-Rao, Varun 90p.