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Issue DateTitleSub-TitleAuthor(s)Journal NameVolume NumberIssue NumberPages
2008B-Plan for a wireless home theatre system-Geetu B. George ; Prini Prem 33p.
2010B-Plan for Sunair Power-Nair, Vivek G ; Navin, M 33p.
14-Nov-2014B-School campus placements set to rock; e-commerce and startup industry top charts-Basu, Sreeradha D ; Sengupta, Devina 
14-Nov-2014B-School placements set to rock; ecomm tops charts: Students test the market for recruitments despite having PPOs in hand-Sengupta, Devina ; Basu, Sreeradha D The Economic Times
2019B2B Branding: A Case of capital goods-Gupta, Shivam 18p.
2019B2B Branding: A case of spares-Venkatesh, J Prasanna ; Kumar, D Pranesh 9p.
2000B2B E-commerce in Japan (Part 1); Hikari Tsushin systemic risk (Part 2)-Anand, S 
2007B2B emarketing: promise, problems and prescription-Goyal, Priyanka ; Vishal, Sharma 71p.
2020B2B fashion supply chain in India-Attri, Vikas ; Swami, Yogendra 18p.
2020B2B fashion supply chain in India: Current state and whitespaces-Awate, Anup ; Khatri, Akshay Purshottam 13p.
2012B2B marketplaces for telecom software: final report-Chatterjee, Snehansu Bhusan 50p.
2005B2B penetration in India: the drivers and the barriers-Jain, Pradeep 29p.
2008B2B strategies for hi-tech markets-George Sebastian, M. 37p.
3-Jun-2011Baba, here's a Dummy's guide to black money & tax havens-Vaidyanathan, R First Post
1985Bababudan iron-ore project: a socio-economic study of the project area-Jena, Sidheswar ; Prasanna, Subbarayan ; Tewari, Vinod K 107p.
2009Back to basics: HIV/AIDS belongs with sexual and reproductive health-Germain, Adrienne ; Mueller, Ruth Dixon ; Sen, Gita Bulletin Of The World Health OrganizationVol.87Iss.11840-845p.
2006Back-office outsourcing solutions for a portfolio manager-Bhaskaran, Anand 21p.
1982Background information to help develop a media plan for test and measuring instruments; Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad-Satish Kumar, C ; Sunil Arab, Y 64p.
-Background note on transportation in India-Pegrum, D F 29p.
1987Bagalkot rehabilitation project IIMB studies-Part I-Shanmugam, A V ; Anantharamaiah, K M 329p.