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Labor market dynamics in India's software industryPatibandla, Murali 
Lifestyle analysis and online social mediaKumar, S Ramesh
Lives, networks, and experiences: A comparative study of foreign directors in Indian and Indian directors of foreign companies in IndiaSrinivasan, Padmini
Management frameworks for creative industries: State of art and new paradigmsDamodaran, Appukuttan
Management insights from Indian spirituality: Investigations from the epics for managersNarayanswamy, Ramnath
Management of performance-based logistics contracts for defence procurementKumar, U Dinesh
Managing supply chain disruption and scale up post demonetization at SPMCILKumar, U Dinesh
Managing the nine essential steps of worldly existenceNarayanswamy, Ramnath
Mapping typologies of low income settlements (slums) in Bangalore CitySriram, M S
Measuring consumer empowerment and its usage as a strategic tool in retailMishra, Ashis
Microfoundations of organizational growthGarg, Pranav
Minchu: A livelihoods intervention project of the IIMBKamath, Rajalaxmi  
Mobile app user engagement insights from IndiaLyndem, Preeti Krishnan
Modeling the online classified advertisement bookingGupta, Seema
Multi-crop cultivation and value chain management. b) Growing the value chain for ground nut cultivationTripathy, Anshuman
Multiple bookrunner adoption in IPO dealsMani, Dalhia
Narrative analysis of annual reports: Studies on communication efficiency and integritySrinivasan, R The business of internet in IndiaBhagavatula, Suresh
New light on the mechanisms underlying the attitude similarity-attraction linkSingh, Ramadhar
New public management and primary education: Understanding reform initiatives in government primary schoolsKamath, Rajalaxmi