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Dainikbhaskar.comGupta, Seema
Dancing with the star: Benefits of a star employee's temporary absence for organizational performanceGarg, Pranav
Debt management in IndiaSingh, Charan
Default correlationsGhosh, Pulak
Developing a homophily index (a Fuzzy Blau Index) for networks of Indians based on caste and language identified through their last namesBhagavatula, Suresh
Developing women entrepreneurship casesBhagavatula, Suresh
Did financial inclusion policies matter for rural people?Singh, Charan
Digital marketing 2.0Gupta, Seema
Digital marketing at VolkswagenGupta, Seema
Disability and workplace outcomesKulkarni, Mukta 
Distributed learning IIM Bangalore: An evaluationVenkatagiri, Shankar
Does decentralized management of irrigation ensure efficient use of water? Theory and evidence from IndiaDutta, Souvik
Does vote-buying pay off? Using India's demonetisation to examine effects on election resultsMitra, Shabana 
Drivers and performance of corporate sustainability: Services sectorJayadev, M
Dynamic income tax enforcementBhalla, Manaswini
Economic analysis and valuation of cultural and intellectual property heritage of classical performing arts theatres of India: Lessons from four case studiesDamodaran, Appukuttan
Effects of community inequality on individual malnutrition?Mukherji, Arnab
Electoral competition with privately informed playersChatterjee, Kalyan
Entrepreneurship and capability development in Indian bio-pharmaceuticals: An empirical investigation behind the formation of an R and D intensive emerging economy sectorChatterjee, Chirantan
Evaluating the impact of self help groups (SHGs): Evidence from IndiaDutta, Souvik